Saving the Ocean Starts with Us

Since 2007, WATERGOAT has been looking for feasible, safe ways to prevent debris from pouring into our big waters. Shoreline clean-ups and eco-events are great, but in truth, we need to quickly start making progress on a much larger scale. By starting near the source of our much too noticeable problem, we are able to collect litter in larger quantities upstream, minimizing negative impacts down stream.

WATERGOAT environmental products are available only through the environmental non-profit BIGWATER Rescue (501c3). Partnerships between communities, corporate entities, and environmental organizations will always provide success. In return, BIGWATER Rescue provides data driven education, environmental branding, and enhanced community outreach with each and every endeavor.

Available Devices



Almost any land based plant can be grown in the middle of a pond/lake on this simple floating devices, creating your own miniature island.



This net and buoy system is designed to capture any topical litter that moves through a water source, providing easy access for cleanup and removal.

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